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Overcoming Odds to Find a Job She Loves

Dessica, a single parent of a 2- & 10-year-old, was working part time when she came to WorkOne inquiring about employment and possible training in the healthcare field. Her work history revealed she had worked in minimal occupations throughout her life, and she wanted a better life for her family. Her life was affected by substance abuse, she was a recipient of SNAP benefits, she was low-income, and assessment revealed she was basic skills deficient, although she had earned her high school diploma. Significant medical issues her daughter had endured had brought about the interest in phlebotomy training. Upon receiving career guidance and planning, Dessica soon set a career goal of Medical Assistant instead, as she would be more marketable, which included phlebotomy skills training. She continued to work while in training, and soon earned her credential as a Medical Assistant. Through the support of her case manager, Dessica secured employment in her field of training, working full time, and earning $3.75 more on the hour than previously at an hourly wage of $17.50. November contact between the case manager and participant revealed she was still employed and loves her job.

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