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Leading to a Brighter Future

Ms. Hawkins, 22, was unemployed when she met with staff about pursuing her career goals.  She had worked in a local grocery store for a number of years and quit.  Although single, she was interested in pursuing an in-demand career that would lead to increased earnings to become more self-sustaining.  Assessment revealed she had also been part of the JAG program at Seymour High School years before and had earned her diploma.  Ms. Hawkins was enrolled in the QUEST and H-1B grants to maximize options.  Counseling, career guidance, and assessments helped develop a training plan for Medical Assisting training.  After two months of occupational training, she completed her training and received a credential.  Ms. Hawkins obtained employment with a local healthcare provider.  Her starting wage exceeded her previous employment and she is confident with the skills acquired and certification that her future is much brighter thanks to the grants and services provided by WorkOne.

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